New Peace of Mind Retreat

A potent combo when needing a break. Your retreat begins with our Peace of Mind energy session followed by a Relaxation Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna session for Mind, Body, Spirit wholeness.

Peace of Mind Energy Session  Relax, be uplifted & soothed creating a more energetic flow throughout the body.  Let your body be able to breathe deeper and more freely while connecting more deeply within.  Helps let go of mental and emotional stress for more zen.  Clothed session.
Infrared Sauna- Private Session  Sweating is a natural way to heal the body and stay healthy. This is the only full-spectrum infrared sauna on the market that is designed for the deepest, most detoxifying sweat providing 7-10 times the amount of detoxification than conventional saunas.   Includes Chromotherapy Light Therapy.  Book Now
use Special Code: #tranquiltuesday to receive this package for only $75!  (valid on Tuesdays only)