Creation Team Readings

Ever wonder what the stars had written for you at the exact moment of your birth?  I am now offering Creation Team Readings to bring to light the players on your team that together births your unique essence that is truly you.  A truly alchemical concoction! 

Understanding these different aspects within oneself increases your inner authority, creation power, and prosperity!  We get to explore this together and see where there may be areas of growth or opportunity to become more in harmony, co-creative, and whole within our entire cosmic being. 

Also, what was written in the stars can shine light onto one's path or be a reassuring aspect to know that what we are doing is indeed our path. 

What others are saying:

"I just had my [Creation Team] astrology chart read by Sharon and let me just say what a wonderful experience it was.  It was moving.  It helped me understand and really see me- all of me, where I have been and a path to my purpose.  I am not just this or that I am a complex integration (a team) of many parts that want to work in harmony together.  As an entrepreneur it allowed me to see how my business is a part of my greater purpose and it feels expansive and affirming. Sharon provided me with insight into the inner workings of me, what fuels me and what I came here to learn and brought light to my ways of seeing the world.  I kept saying "yes" the entire session because I felt it so deeply within and felt she was reading a chapter from the book of me. It all felt very familiar and connected to me.  I recommend having this reading if you are interested in taking a deep dive into self, thinking about your purpose, your relationships or how you connect with the world around you.  It is truly eye opening and empowering.  Thank you Sharon!"
"Sharon just read my [Creation Team] astrology chart and woah!  Understanding ourselves is such an important part of self care.  It was fascinating to see how much resonated with me and where I am in my life- where I have been and where I am going and what and who are playing a part in it all- my unique team, my masculine and feminine energies, my moon in scorpio- fueled by cancer- so much to digest and implement in life and business.  I think you should let her know if this type of deep soul work interests you."


-A PDF of your Astrology Chart
-60-minute Zoom virtual call with Sharon to explain your chart and answer your questions
-Recording of the reading to listen to again and again
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  ***Please allow a minimum of 7 days for her to prepare before your scheduled reading***


 Welcome Home

 I am honored to be a part of your journey,  thank you for connecting.

"We are all inter-connected living, breathing beings. When you heal within yourself, you heal everything around you as well."
Sharon Marie Lawlor



 Guiding one back to their essential Tranquil Being 

 through creative expression and nurturing self care

Healing Bodywork, Infrared Sauna, and Creative Arts

photos on this page by Lucinda Rae

"I especially appreciate the different modalities you have used at various times based on a thoughtful, intuitive read of what I need that day. I love that it is an immersive experience that includes bodywork, scents, sounds, energy, sauna time, etc.   And I am so grateful that you have helped me transition into a more centered, free, and confident way of being - one step at a time, releasing what no longer serves to allow new goodness to come in. Within the past 6 months, I have made significant progress in decluttering, updating, and personalizing my home and office; I started a new job that I love and feel good about (am having fun at work - imagine that!); and my overall sense of happiness and wellbeing has increased.  That's progress! That's exciting! Thank you so much!"   "I am learning to feel at home with myself. This is a direct result of our sessions."  Marci  (click here to read more praise from clients)