Winter Special:

Essential Winter’s Glow Massage

Relax into deep warmth and let stress melt away with Tranquil Being’s Essential Winter’s Glow Massage designed to combat the challenges of winter.  This one-hour long massage features a warming essential oil blend to soothe and warm tight muscles.  Relaxation is induced in this customized signature massage that is sure to leave you calm, warmed up, and ready to enjoy the parts of winter you love best!  Your body will thank you!  Only $88



Guiding one back to their essential Tranquil Being

photos on this page by Lucinda Rae


"...I am so grateful that you have helped me transition into a more centered, free, and confident way of being - one step at a time, releasing what no longer serves to allow new goodness to come in..."  (click here to read more praise from clients)

 Welcome Home

 I am honored to be a part of your journey,  thank you for connecting.

"We are all inter-connected living, breathing beings. When you heal within yourself, you heal everything around you as well."
Sharon Marie Lawlor