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Summer Splendor Skin Health Massage Retreat
A fountain of youth for skin cells on the lower legs, feet, hands, lower arms, and back.  This after sun care and repair treatment is developed to nurture and protect healthy skin cells after exposure to the sun. Nourishing exfoliation removes dead skin cells and eliminate dry, ashy-looking skin.  Next, a rich anti-oxidant Green Tea mask enriched with Thai White Clay is applied to improve skin condition, help eliminate free radicals and safeguard healthy cells against over-exposure to the sun while a blanket of herbal warmth surrounds it.  Once removed, a light, refreshing gel blended with Thai Bergamot and Mint essential oils and the highly moisturizing extracts of Aloe Vera and Cucumber aids skin healing. This naturally cools and bestows skin with a new level of hydration as Sacred Lotus quenches the epidermis helping to beat the heat.  Combined with a full body massage with organic coconut oil, your skin will love being so nourished this summer!  $175 value, yours this summer for only $145! 2 hours  Book Now

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