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Sessions are by appointment only

Please email connect@tranquilbeing.com or call 734.761.8753 if you need help scheduling your experience. 

Please note, if scheduling online make sure you click "Complete Booking" on the bottom of the page.  You will receive an automated email notification once the reservation is complete; otherwise, the reservation hasn't been processed.  There is a 10-minute hold while you finish your reservation so if you click out & go back in, it may show that session time isn't available (until the hold times out after 10-minutes).  Please call if you need assitance- we will be glad to help!


Our address and directions:

Tranquil Being

405 Little Lake Dr.  Suite A

Ann Arbor, MI 48103

734.761.8753 (call or text)
Parking There is plenty of free onsite parking just outside the building entrance. 
Enter through the double doors.  Feel free to use the restrooms down the hallway on the right, then....
Please take a seat in the waiting area in the front lobby where Sharon will meet you
when she is ready for you. 

We are happy to say we are now in an office that is Handicap accessible!!

What to Expect?

When you arrive, you will be lulled into relaxation allowing yourself to decompress and breathe.   If you are new to Sharon, she will guide you to a comfy seat as you complete a form sharing some of your health history and your intentions for your session. This enables Sharon to tailor your session to your needs. When you have completed the form,  Sharon may ask you clarifying questions about your health history and your intentions. This is also your opportunity to ask any questions you may have to help you feel more comfortable. There are no silly questions.  Please feel free to make the session your own by being vocal about what you need to be more comfortable. 

For bodywork
, you will be invited to undress to the level of your comfort and lie on the table under the warmth of a sheet and blanket, after Sharon leaves the room. She will knock on the door to make sure you are ready before she re-enters the room.

For a clothed session, there is no need for you to take off any clothing. Please come prepared for relaxation by wearing something comfortable. Loose pants and waistbands are encouraged for your comfort.


Please arrive early

Your reservation is special to us and we want you to experience the fullness we have to offer.  Allow yourself enough time to arrive 10-minutes early to your reserved time if this is your first time with us or 5-minutes on return visits.   Giving you a moment to decompress, be enchanted with the environment and for new clients to fill out a client form.

Arriving early is important so you can receive your full service. For late arrivals, your session will still end at the scheduled time to not interfere with our other guests' reservations.  You will be responsible for the full service fee scheduled.


Cancellation Policy

Your appointment is reserved especially for you.  If you need to change your reservation for any reason, please contact us as soon as possible to be courteous to other guests and staff.  

We kindly ask for a 24-hour notice to cancel, reschedule, or alter your session time.  Less than 24-hour notice or no-shows will result in a full service charge.

Please understand that by making an appointment you are agreeing to our cancellation policy terms and conditions.


What is common etiquette?

Gratuities and Tipping

Gratuities are always appreciated, but never expected. 

Generally, 15-25% is standard for massage and bodywork sessions.


Avoid Wearing Chemical Fragrances

Please refrain from wearing chemical fragrances found in perfumes, lotions, and hair products. Some of our staff and guests are sensitive to the chemicals common in manufactured fragrances, experiencing headaches, stomachaches and other discomforts.

Cell Phones

As a courtesy, please silence your cell phone upon entering our sanctuary.  If you need to take a phone call, please step outside of the building.

Please keep your valuables with you

We regret that tranquil being cannot be responsible for loss or damage of personal articles. Please keep all valuables with you or leave them at home.


Your reservations are for you to enjoy a nurturing retreat alone. 

On special requests & with parental permission, we will provide services to those under 18 years old.   For safety reasons, we recommend a parent in the treatment room.