Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Sweating is a natural way to heal the body & stay healthy. This is the only full-spectrum infrared sauna on the market that is designed for the deepest, most detoxifying sweat providing 7-10x’s the amount of detoxification than conventional saunas. 

Recommended by Dr. Mark Hyman MD, Kris Carr, Bob Greene, and many more. 

Private  Infrared Sauna Retreat

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Sauna for Two Retreat
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Customize Programs for:

  • Detoxification Detox can be used as a tool to help relieve symptoms AND as a preventive tool to increase overall health.  Wavelengths:  Mid & Far.   Cabin Tempature:  Medium.  Duration: 37-minutes
  • Relaxation Relax in comfort with an invigorating deep tissue sweat. Wavelengths:  Near & Far.  Cabin Temperature: Low.  Duration: 40-minutes
  • Pain Relief Heat Activates neurological, vascular and metabolic mechanisms to mediate the transmission of pain.  Wavelengths:  Near, Mid, and Far.  Cabin Temperature: High.  Duration: 30-minutes
  • Weight Loss Studies have shown that 30-minute infrared sauna session can burn up to 600 calories. Wavelengths: Mid & Far.  Cabin Temperature: Medium.  Duration: 30-minutes
  • Heart Health/Cardio As the body cools itself, there is an increase in heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate.  Wavelengths:  Mid & Far.  Cabin Temperature: Medium.  Duration: 45-minutes
  • Skin Rejuvenation Infrared heat easily penetrates human tissue to help with acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns, cuts, and more.  Wavelengths: Near & Far.  Cabin Temperature: Low.  Duration: 30-minutes

Sauna sessions are scheduled for 60-minute blocks no matter which program you do.



"Detoxifying in the infrared sauna at tranquil being healing arts center is a relaxing and deeply therapeutic experience, touched with the grace, comfort, and convenience of a spa experience."

"The space alone is intensely healing, but the infrared sauna went far beyond my expectations.  Wonderful place, wonderful people, wonderful energy-- I will be returning."  C.C.

"Peaceful. Greeted joyfully. Experience was amazing! I felt so much better after doing the detox sauna. The mood is set perfectly from music to decorations to staff. I definitely have found a new place!"  Susanna M.

"I’ve been enjoying weekly sauna treatments for about a year and a half now.  The reason for the treatments in the first place was to facilitate the removal of leaky gut syndrome.  The treatments apparently worked in that regard.  An added benefit, which was realized about two months ago, was that the terrible night sweats have disappeared.  It is believed that the special heat from the sauna has, over time, removed toxins that promote leaky gut and night sweats."  C.S.

What to expect?

When you arrive to tranquil being, you will you’ll be lulled into relaxation by the ambient lighting, the lilting music, and soothing essential oil fragrances. You will have your choice of vitalizing water or hot tea as you read and complete an agreement form instructing you on use of the sauna. Shortly thereafter you will be invited into the sauna room, introduced to the features of the sauna and the various amenities to facilitate your deep healing and release.

As our sauna room is completely private, most clients undress completely. For your comfort, we provide a 100% Turkish cotton Pestemal wrap to use if you prefer.  Some clients also choose to bring a separate set of clothes in which to sweat.  During your session, you may choose to exit the sauna to have a drink of water, or to take a break from the heat.

We provide a variety of 100% organic cotton towels for your comfort and ease. The sauna bench & floor are covered with these organic cotton towels and a dry washcloth rests in the sauna for you to use to wipe sweat off your brow. It typically takes about 15 minutes before you begin to sweat. After your session, nestled in a bowl of ice, a cold washcloth awaits- available for refreshment and wiping off after your deep sweating session. You can complete your session with a separate towel for drying off.  We also provide a fan to cool you off as well.

How does the sauna work?

Our sauna, the mpulse by Sunlighten, is the only full-specturm infrared sauna on the market. As such, it uses different wavelengths of infrared heat--near, mid and far infrared. They reach into various layers of your body--your skin cells, your circulatory system (blood level) and the deep core of your cells. The programs are designed to use these various wavelengths to stimulate the myriad systems of your body to aid in a specific purpose. Detoxification and Pain Relief are our most popular options. Also, there are programs for Skin Rejuvenation, Cardio (Heart Health), Weight Loss, and Relaxation.

SoloCarbon HeatingTechnology

The Safest and Most Effective Saunas on the Market
with Ultra Low EMF Technology


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