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Energetic Expression

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 Would you like more creative expression, movement, and flow in your life or business?  This is the perfect sampler of Sharon's myriad of modalities to guide you from where you are to where you want to be.  Before and after creative energy expressions begin & end your session while working with the elements throughout your time with her.  Meditation, breath work, movement, healing sound, and energy balancing assist in moving the energy to create momentum to the you, you know is awaiting inside.

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Your *Pause* Begins Here

The perfect ensemble to nourish you when you need to click "pause" on your life. 

Kansa Vatki Foot and Leg Massage:  Walk on air with this unique Ayurvedic treatment used in India forcenturies to detoxify and balance the body’s energies while revitalizing tired feet and legs. The feet being the seat of many nerve endings, meridians, neural receptors, and marma points- the vital energy channels running throughout the body, stimulating the body's own innate ability to rebalance and harmonize the tri-doshas.  Kansa Vatki is a small, tri-metal bowl consisting of Copper, Zinc, and Tin is massaged with Ayurvedic oils that draws out heat & toxins on the lower legs & feet.  This is anti-inflammatory; as well as, boosts the immune system, softens skin, helps insomnia, & lessens anxiety.  

Private Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna: Sweating is a natural way to heal the body & stay healthy. This is the only full-spectrum infrared sauna on the market that is designed for the deepest, most detoxifying sweat providing 7-10x’s the amount of detoxification than conventional saunas.

Intuitive Guided Bodywork: A custom session for you based on your intention and intuitively guided by Sharon. This may include: massage therapy, lymph drainage therapy, craniosacral therapy, chi nei tsang, reflexology, kansa vatki foot massage, acupressure, restorative energy balancing, aromatherapy, sound healing, healing gem stones, chakra balancing, guided meditations, heat therapy, or others.

Aromatherapy Facial Massage with Tension Relieving Scalp Massage: How nice would it feel if you felt more clear headed from mental chatter and stress, seasonal allergies, and sinus congestion?  This custom session incorporates lymph drainage to help ease congestion.  Acupressure of the sen energy lines and unwinding of facial meridian points unblocks the energy and help relieve sinus pressure.  An aromatherapy massage of the neck, shoulders, face, and scalp helps to further reduce stress and tension. You will feel both relaxed and energized ready for your day.  Bliss!

*Includes gourmet tea from Ann Arbor local Tea Haus, water,
handmade butterfly chocolate made with love by local Sweet Gem Confections;
plus, robe and slippers for convenient transition from one service to another. 
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Sauna and 90-minute Intuitive Bodywork Combination

Warm up in our private full spectrum infrared sauna (choosing 1 of 6 pre-set programs) to loosen up your muscles and receive more out of your bodywork session.  Afterwards, a 90-minute intuitive bodywork session awaits you.  Together they work synergistically to release tension while becoming more centered, grounded, and relaxed.  This ultimately provides you with a deeper sense of relaxation and state of wellbeing.  Ahhhhh.   Includes robe and slippers for convenient transition from one service to another.
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A custom session for you based on your intention and intuitively guided by Sharon. This may include: massage therapy, lymph drainage therapy, craniosacral therapy, chi nei tsang, reflexology, kansa vatki foot massage, acupressure, restorative energy balancing, aromatherapy, sound healing, healing gem stones, chakra balancing, guided meditations, heat therapy, or others. 


Chi Nei Tsang Elemental Series

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A detox abdominal massage incorporating breath & meridians of the body to release restrictions within the abdomen, fascia, & organs while enhancing chi (energy flow) for vibrant health.  The new, clear energy pathways throughout the body brings release whether for physical alignments, mental stress, or deep spiritual healing when you need change in your life.  Emerge into your beautiful butterfly BEING with Chi Nei Tsang.


Soul Healing

Magnify energy flow to harmonize and balance while enhancing detoxification through an eclectic mix of bodywork. Space is open for new possibilities to birth through- exponentially healing on many levels. The many facets of this treatment makes this so unique that it cannot be duplicated with one single modality. The Wholeness you experience gives a sense of bliss and grace; thus, creating calmness and propelling your creative flow in life.  

As each session is a one of a kind- Sharon Marie uses her intuition, body listening abilities, and unique skills to create an individualized, soul healing session for you.  Her clients may come to her during a life transition; have an internal knowing they aren't being themselves and want help to uncover their truth, their true self-expression; or may be experiencing physical symptoms that need relief.  Sharon takes them through a deeper healing experience, self discovery, and a transformational process for well-being, peace, and soul healing.  Her sessions guides them on an internal journey to places they've never been to before.  

Her clients say the guidance Sharon Marie provides helps beyond each session for practical application in everyday life. They have a deeper understanding of what is holding them back and now able to make clear decisions based on true essence, they feel much more grounded, they have noticed a deeper cleansing in their bodies that last for several days after each session, feel happier, healthier, more energetic, have become more aware of their bodies, are more focused, have more clarity, and much, much more.

Sessions may include Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Lymph Drainage, Chi Nei Tsang, Restorative Energy Balancing, Aromatherapy, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Healing Gem Stone Therapy, and/or Guided Meditations as well. You definitely need to experience this!

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Restorative Energy Balancing Session with Healing Sound  

Relax, be uplifted & soothed creating a more energetic flow throughout the body.  Let your body be able to breathe deeper and more freely while connecting more deeply within.  Helps let go of mental and emotional stress for more zen.  Clothed session.  

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Craniosacral Therapy  

This gentle, hands-on therapy helps to release fascial restrictions deep in the central nervous system to relax every other system in the body allowing the body to self-correct. This helps to naturally eliminate stress and enhance your health by working at the source of pain & dysfunction while releasing core traumas. Clothed session.  

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Lymph Drainage Therapy   

Reduce stagnant fluid in the body as it boosts the immune system, speeds healing, and helps the body to work more optimally. 1 hour 15 minutes $129.00 Book Now


Blissful Birth

A combination of our Pregnancy Craniosacral Therapy, Sound Healing, Neck, Shoulder, and Belly Aromatherapy Massage, with an introduction of our Kansa Vatki Indian Metal Foot Bowl Massage. Semi-Reclined comfy positioning.

Bond deeply with your baby creating a more relaxed & happier baby.  This relieves physical tension in the developing pregnancy as it allows more space for baby and release any emotional blocks associated in giving birth.When done throughout the pregnancy it relaxes you, helps to open up the hips, shortens the length of labor, and lessens complications in birth.

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Discover Your Tranquil Being Illumination Session

Wanting to know more of what would be the best path for working with Sharon?  Set aside some time to chat with her over Zoom- a virtual online video conferencing platform.  There she will gather information about you & your needs to determine the best remedy.  She offers a wide range of modalities from bodywork, infrared sauna, intuitive painting for healing, medicine walks, coaching, working with the Natural Rhythms of nature to guide ones path, and more.

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 photo by Lucinda Rae 

Sharon really listens to her clients through their words, to gain insight of what they are going through; as well as listening to what her clients' bodies are saying, gearing the sessions intuitively with their particular intention in mind.

These pre-session mini consults help Sharon customise the session for your needs.  The times listed are  scheduled with an extra 30-minutes to include consultation, dressing time, and check out.



Sharon Marie
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photo by Lucinda Rae