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Your *Pause* Begins Here

The perfect ensemble to nourish you when you need to click "pause" on your life.  Kansa Vatki Foot and Leg Massage, Private Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna session, Intuitive Guided Bodywork with an Aromatherapy Face Massage & Tension Relieving Scalp Massage.  4 hours $300 Book Now

Personal Retreat 

A personalized retreat tailored just for you.  We'll start with a consultation and intention setting to set our time together based on your custom needs. Next, I'll guide you in a relaxing guided mediation before your private full spectrum infrared sauna session (choosing 1 of 6 pre-set programs).  Afterwards, a 90-minute intuitive bodywork session awaits you.  Can you feel the tension release while becoming more centered, grounded, and relaxed?  Ahhhhh.
3 hours $225 Book Now


Intuitive Massage & Bodywork 

90-minutes $157 Book Now

75-minutes $129 Book Now

60-minutes $111 Book Now


A custom session for you based on your intention and intuitively guided by Sharon. This may include: massage therapy, lymph drainage therapy, craniosacral therapy, chi nei tsang, reflexology, kansa vatki foot massage, acupressure, restorative energy balancing, aromatherapy, sound healing, healing gem stones, chakra balancing, guided meditations, heat therapy, or others.  Find out more how these sessions can be customized for you here


Sauna and Massage Combination

  2 hours $150 Book Now

  2 hours 15 minutes $168 Book Now

  2 hours 30 minutes $196 Book Now


Sharon really listens to her clients through their words, to gain insight of what they are going through; as well as listening to what her clients' bodies are saying, gearing the sessions intuitively with their particular intention in mind.

These pre-session mini consults help Sharon customise the session for your needs.  
The times listed are the table times for the bodywork and are scheduled with an extra 30-minutes for consultation and check out.


Discover Your Tranquil Being Illumination Session

Wanting to know more of what would be the best path for working with Sharon?  Set aside some time to chat with her over the phone, have a virtual zoom online video conferencing, or come check out the space & meet in person- there she will gather information about you & your needs to determine the best remedy.  She offers a wide range of modalities from bodywork, infrared sauna, intuitive painting for healing, medicine walks, coaching, working with the Natural Rhythms of nature to guide ones path, and more.

30-minutes  Book Now


 photo by Lucinda Rae 



Sharon Marie
BS, LMT, founder of tranquil being
Transformational Catalyst- 'Birth the Beauty Within'
Contact Sharon Marie by:
Phone: 734.761.8753
Email: connect @ tranquilbeing (dot) com


photo by Lucinda Rae