Healing Art Experiences

with Sharon Marie, for a deeper dive into your Tranquil Being

picture by Lucinda Rae

"Incredibly relaxing and healing. I have been going to Sharon for years. Her massages always integrate other modalities like lymphatic drainage, and cranial sacral therapy. Her reflexology massage is the most relaxing body work I have ever had....Sharon healed my back problems! The atmosphere is very peaceful as is Sharon's presence."

"I usually try to define and discuss a specific need or issue I would like addressed each time I come. Healing of an area, stress carried in neck, shoulders etc, general relaxation or fluid elimination in legs (just to name a few issues we've addressed in sessions).  So every session seems to be customized which is exactly what I believe every client would want.  At least that's what I love about my sessions with you. You have such a wealth of knowledge, expertise and skill. You address any need I might have so thoroughly and professionally within that session. You have great listening skills and the gift of intuitive and healing hands. I feel very fortunate to have found you."  S.H.

"My menstrual cramps have always been painful and since I can remember I've always had to take painkillers during that time. I saw Sharon and she suggested the Chi Nei Tsang as it helps with certain abdominal issues. The menses I had post-treatment with Sharon was PAINLESS, I couldn't believe it. I'm so pleased with my treatments with Sharon and definitely recommend her services!" 

 "Sharon Lawlor has been providing outstanding health-bolstering massage therapy to me for years. I am very discerning about massage, and have learned that not all massage is healing, and some can throw energy in a bad direction. Sharon has a profoundly grounded energy. She has incorporated new techniques over time and I can immediately feel that I am receiving the benefits of very experienced and healing hands. The effects are both powerfully subtle and surprisingly long lasting..... This is as good as it gets."

"Sharon is amazing. I consider her a healer because no matter what ails my body, she's able to tell me and provide recommendations. I try to see her twice a month for deep relaxation. 90 minutes with her feels much longer, yet when it's over, I wish it were longer." Dorothy L.

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Healing Combinations

Head to Toe Combo: A perfect way to experience our Aromatherapy Head & Neck Recovery Massage + Kansa Vatki Foot & Leg Massage.  1 hour 30-minutes $150, a savings of $25!

Intuitive Guided Massage + Energy Alchemy: Relaxation on another level. 2 hours, $200.  A savings of $40!

Release: Lymphatic Drainage + Chi Nei Tsang.  2 hours 15-minutes, $200.  A savings of $70!

Serenity: Sound Healing + Aromatherapy Head & Neck Recovery Massage + Kansa Vatki Foot & Leg Massage.  2 hours, $188.  A savings of $52!

Unwind: Intuitive Guided Massage + Aromatherapy Head & Neck Recovery Massage + Kansa Vatki Foot & Leg Massage.  2 hours 30-minutes, $222.  A savings of $78!

Your Pause Begins Here:  Tranquil Being's Signature Package:  The perfect ensemble to nourish you when you need to click *pause* on your life. Connecting with wholeheartedness and mindful dialogue, the experiential journey begins here to set core intentions. Intuitively guided experiential journey is customized to where you are in this moment- giving pause, reflection, and rest to create more ease, peace, and flow on your journey forward.

May include a mix of the following: Guided Meditation, Sound Healing, Energy Healing, Healing Crystal Therapy, Intuitive Guided Massage, Journalling, Breathwork, QiGong or other Mindful Movements.  3 hours, $250.  A savings of $110!

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Individual Sessions also available:

Tranquil Being Signature Massage:  Recharge your being with this opulent aromatherapy head-to-toe full body massage resulting in a transcendent experience. Tranquil Being’s Signature Massage includes the ultimate trio for calm: a blissful facial massage combined with a tension relieving scalp massage and rejuvenating foot massage.

Relaxation is induced in this customized session as it is created for you based on your intention and intuitively guided by Sharon.Her eclectic mix of bodywork helps magnify energy flow to harmonize, balance, and gift you a *pause* in your busy life.

Modalities may include: Massage Therapy, Lymph Drainage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Chi Nei Tsang (Chinese Abdominal Detox Massage), Reflexology, Acupressure, Reiki, or others. 

 **Click here to schedule your experience** $175

Save with a series of 10 Tranquil Being Signature Massage sessions, only $160 each- a total savings of $150!   Click here to purchase (365 days to use)


Intuitive Guided Massage:  A custom session for you based on your intention and intuitively guided by Sharon.  This multi-modality approach amplifies the results significantly.

This may include: massage therapy, lymph drainage therapy, craniosacral therapy, chi nei tsang, reflexology, acupressure, reiki, aromatherapy, heat therapy, or more.

 **Click here to schedule your experience**  60-minutes: $120, 75-minutes: $150, 90-minutes $175

Chakra Balancing: The perfect reset when you feel emotional, unbalanced, or ungrounded.  Working with the 7 major energy centers of the body, this helps to re-balance your systems to feel more calm, centered, grounded, and more vitality.  Peace awaits you here. $100

Aromatherapy Head & Neck Recovery Massage:  How nice would it feel if you felt more clear headed from mental chatter and stress, seasonal allergies, and sinus congestion?  Gua Sha visibly smooths the skin of the face as it becomes more radiant while reducing puffiness.  Lymph drainage helps to ease congestion; plus, Acupressure of the sen energy lines and unwinding of facial meridian points unblocks the energy and help relieve sinus pressure.  An aromatherapy massage of the neck, shoulders, and face relaxes mind, body, and spirit while the scalp massage melts away even more stress and tension. You will feel both relaxed and energized ready for your day. Bliss!  $100

Kansa Vatki Foot & Leg Massage:  Walk on air with this unique Ayurvedic treatment used in India for centuries to detoxify and balance the body’s energies while revitalizing tired feet and legs.  The feet being the seat of many nerve endings, meridians, neural receptors, and marma points- the vital energy channels running throughout the body, stimulating the body's own innate ability to rebalance and harmonize the tri-doshas. Kansa Vatki is a small, tri-metal bowl consisting of Copper, Zinc, and Tin is massaged with Ayurvedic oils that draws out heat & toxins on the lower legs & feet.  This is anti-inflammatory; as well as, boosts the immune system, softens skin, helps insomnia, & lessens anxiety.  $100

Lymph Drainage Therapy:  Reduce stagnant fluid in the body as it boosts the immune system, speeds healing, and helps the body to work more optimally.  75-minutes: $135.  A savings of $15!

Craniosacral Therapy:  This gentle, hands-on therapy helps to release fascial restrictions deep in the central nervous system to relax every other system in the body allowing the body to self-correct. This helps to naturally eliminate stress and enhance your health by working at the source of pain & dysfunction while releasing core traumas. $120

Chi Nei Tsang:  A detox abdominal massage incorporating breath & meridians of the body to release restrictions within the abdomen, fascia, & organs while enhancing chi (energy flow) for vibrant health.  The new, clear energy pathways throughout the body brings release whether for physical alignments, mental stress, or deep spiritual healing when you need change in your life. $120

Shed old energy. 

Sharon's specialty!

Energy Alchemy:  Begin to unwind the tensions that stress or mental chaos disturbs your energetic field with some magical Energy Alchemy.  Smoothing the energies to help bring more calm, peace, serenity, and spaciousness within.  Creating more flow, ease, and grace in your life while raising your energy vibration and allowing for more clear thinking and focus. 

This may include sound healing with tibetan singing bowls, healing gem stones, chakra balancing, reiki, guided meditations, aromatherapy, breathwork, or more.

 **Click here to schedule your experience** 75-minutes: $125.  A savings of $25!


Deep Dive.

Sharon's Opus!

Kaleidoscope Healing:  It's been years in the making, Sharon's Opus, that she calls Kaleidoscope Healing.  When you see all of the broken pieces within a kaleidocope, it still is whole and complete as is.  When seeing another perspective, everything shifts though.   That is what happens here.  Your beauty is unearthed, always being there within, but perhaps needed a guide to help you re-member, re-connect, and re-turn to your heart and soul- your authentic essence, true self, core of your being. 

A journey home to self, or homecoming, to awaken, revive, rekindle, restore, reunite ALL of you.  All those broken pieces that actually create the most spectacular beauty ever!!  

Going through the darkness is the only way out into the light to shine all of your radiance.  It's a step-by-step journey walked along side of you, meeting you where you are, and move forward from that place.

This is best in a series or package as it's a journey.  Each step is accumulating momentum and assisting in the whole to reveal the next step of your process. 

Each session will be custom and may include a combination of:  Heartfelt Dialogue,  Qi Gong or other movements,  Guided Breathwork, Guided Meditations, Energy Clearing, Energy Alchemy, Intuitive Guided Massage & Bodywork, Action Steps to work on in between sessions, or others.

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Session Series of your favorites:

Tranquil Being Signature Massage Package

Save with a series of 10 Tranquil Being Signature Massage sessions, only $160 each- a total savings of $150!   Click here to purchase (365 days to use)

Chi Nei Tsang Elemental Series:  Emerge into your beautiful butterfly BEING with this Chi Nei Tsang 5-elemental series.  Perfect during seasonal transitions; especially of Autumn & Spring.

Each session will focus on nourishing cycle within the elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth along with their corresponding organs and meridians. This will help release stuck energy and stagnation, bring about more optimal digestive functions, as the accumulative benefits with each session start to restructure energetically the way in which you interact with life bringing about more ease, peace, and balance in a holistic way of mind-body-spirit.

Click here for more information on this must try modality! $600